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something for the weekend March 2013

This weekend I am hoping to indulge in the following activities...

1, Watching - The BBC adaption of The Lady Vanishes. I recorded this last weekend and still have not got around to watching it all the way through.

2, Baking - Maple & Walnut Streusel Cake from The Hummingbird Bakery's 'Home Sweet Home'. Although I may be out-voted as the children have spotted the 'Jaffa Cake Cupcakes', either way I'll be happy.

3, Browsing - The Crochet Project. The Crochet Project is a new online collection of gorgeous downloadable crochet patterns. It aims to promote beautiful, contemporary designs supported by gorgeous photography, beautiful yarns and fair pay for the designers. Run by (one of my favourite bloggers) Kat Goldin of Slugs on the Refrigerator and Joanne Scrace from Not So Granny - you just know it will be good! I'm particularly taken with the 'Euphorbia' dress by Rita Taylor (pictured above) but could be swayed into making something lovely for myself instead!

If I get a moment, after all that, I will be spending some time reading through this website: For Books' Sake described as an intelligent but irreverent UK webzine dedicated to promoting and celebrating writing by women. It drew me in on World Poetry Day with this article on female poets.

Luckily for me the start of the Easter Holidays mean I will not spend the weekend worrying about washing/drying/ironing uniform or helping little people with spelling/reading/homework - Brilliant. I will also not be eating peanut butter out of the jar because this is a bad habit and must be stopped!

Have you any plans? I wish you a lovely weekend whatever you're doing.

Bye for now.

Em xx

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  • Knitnrun4sanity


    23 March 2013 at 08:02 |
    Sounds ideal. I really hope that things work out the way you hope. Holidays have not started here yet so still in football, party, homework mode but one ill means dvd and knitting later ;)
    • Lululoves


      23 March 2013 at 09:18 |
      Thank you :)) I hope your little one is feeling better soon! We also have 2 birthday parties to squeeze in but I'm hoping for some crochet time tonight. Have a lovely weekend xx
  • Rachel


    26 March 2013 at 12:38 |
    Hello Em,
    Thanks for the link to The Crochet Project, what a great site! Gorgeous patterns to peruse!
    I like peanut butter from the jar too, very naughty, I do try to be a bit healthy.....and spread it on celery sticks!
    Hope your weekend went to plan as it sounded like a good one!
    • Lululoves


      26 March 2013 at 21:06 |
      You're welcome - the patterns are all gorgeous :)) I've been trying to eat my peanut butter with an apple...but it just tastes so much better on the end of a spoon! Em xx

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