Romantic Crochet Book Release

{14.11.20} and a celebratory book tour!

Romantic Crochet Book by Emma Escott (Lululoves)

I’m so very excited and proud to finally be able to share my new book Romantic Crochet with you. It really was a labour of love and I’m so happy that after many months of waiting I can celebrate its launch (releasing a book in a pandemic has taught me a whole new level of patience!)...

Romantic Crochet Book Tour

Writing a crochet book was something that I had dreamed about and that finally became a possibility when I was contacted by a small family-run publisher in Turkey called Tuva Publishing back in February 2019. Tuva has a history of creating beautiful craft books and work with a wide range of authors, I actually already owned a number of their crochet books. They had seen my work on Instagram and wanted to create a book with the same ‘romantic’ style, even asking if I would do the photography too.

Although filled with the usual ‘imposter syndrome’ worries I knew it was an opportunity that I would regret if I didn’t take a leap of faith in myself. The brief - a series of projects in my ‘romantic style’ using my favoured neutral colours, aimed at crocheters of all levels - seemed fairly straight forward, so I started sketching and swatching. In May 2019 I received a HUGE box of yarns from Scheepjes who very kindly provided yarn support for the book. I worked hard over the next few months to create the projects, each one with its own story and inspiration. I can honestly say I love every single project in the book.

Crochet T-Shirt from Romantic Crochet Book | Emma Escott (Lululoves)

Crochet Cushion from Romantic Crochet Book | Emma Escott (Lululoves)

There were definitely some challenges that I hadn’t anticipated, for example, photographing the projects proved harder than I thought especially as we had hit autumn here in the UK and the days were short and dark (the fact that I smashed my camera lens during shooting definitely added to the stress – gah). But here we are 18 months later and I am so happy to share the finished product with you – it feels like a printed extension of this blog and that is what I love so much about it.

Crochet Cushion from Romantic Crochet Book | Emma Escott (Lululoves)

Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cosy from Romantic Crochet Book | Emma Escott (Lululoves)

You can now order Romantic Crochet here from Amazon UK or here from Amazon US as well as other book stores.

To celebrate Tuva and I have organised an online book tour over on Instagram. From the 15th of November to December 15th 2020 a whole bunch of talented crochet designers/makers will be sharing the projects that they have made from Romantic Crochet. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. I’ll be sharing all the posts on my feed so feel free to follow along on my account: @Lululoves_UK I’ve popped the links to all the lovely makers taking part below (just click on their Instagram name to be taken straight to their account) along with the dates so please show their accounts some love too…

Romantic Crochet Book Tour 2020




Instagram @

15 November - Sunday


16 November - Monday


17 November - Tuesday


18 November - Wednesday


21 November - Saturday


22 November - Sunday


23 November - Monday


24 November - Tuesday


25 November - Wednesday


26 November - Thursday


27 November - Friday


28 November - Saturday


29 November - Sunday


30 November - Monday


1 December - Tuesday


2 December - Wednesday


3 December - Thursday


4 December - Friday


6 December - Sunday


7 December - Monday


8 December - Tuesday


9 December - Wednesday


10 December - Thursday


11 December - Friday


12 December - Saturday


13 December - Sunday


14 December - Monday


15 December - Tues


Romantic Crochet Book | Emma Escott (Lululoves)

If you’d like to see more of the book and the projects I’ll be uploading a video all about it next week so keep an eye on my YouTube channel. You can also see a review of the book over on Sherrie of Ollie and Bella's most recent podcast over on YouTube here. There are also a couple of giveaways happening over the next month; Kathryn of Crafternoon Treats is currently running one over on her YouTube all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on her most recent podcast (episode 109). I’ll keep you informed of any other giveaways on this post and over on my Instagram.

As always a HUGE thank you to everyone who reads/watches/buys patterns and generally supports Lululoves. I always feel so blessed to be able to share my creative life with you.

Bye for now, 

Em xx

Romantic Crochet Book Tour | Lululoves Crochet Blog

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