Lulu Loves - A New Blog

Lulu Loves - A New Blog

Welcome to Lulu Loves

So here we are again, it's January, normally this time of year I feel a little sad having said goodbye to the festive season, overindulged, overspent and returned the children to the hectic routine of school, nursery, classes and homework. But not this year, this January I'm making a change, and that is optimism! I am going to embrace everything that is good about my life and seek comfort and happiness wherever I can find it.  This blog is the first step on that journey, it will be a self indulgent outlet where I can ponder over the things I love most; my family, history, books, cooking, crafts, fashion and anything that takes my fancy really! 

Feel free to stop by anytime and say hello. Emma xx

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  • zooseadesign


    27 April 2011 at 21:15 |
    Love LuluLoves...
    • Lululoves


      07 May 2011 at 13:40 |
      Thankyou... It's lovely to know someone is reading it! :)x