Crochet Vlogcast Episode 33


Lululoves Crochet Podcast Episode 33

Hello again, I'm back this week with episode 33 of the podcast. I'm feeling a bit more settled this month and have been able to get on and write some patterns up... 

I'm also announcing the giveaway winner for the beautiful crochet hook kindly donated by Alan from BowlTech Crochet Hooks. Also STOP THE PRESS... can you believe I actually forgot to mention my own crochet book!! I'm so excited to share the final cover with you AND the release dates which are 1st November 2020 for the UK and 1st December 2020 for the US. I'm actually still pinching myself! If you'd like to pre-order it you can do so here - I think the image still needs updating on Amazon but I've been promised that will be done soon.

Romantic Crochet by Emma Escott {Lulu Loves}

Finished Objects:

Crochet A5 Journal Cover

I've re-written a one of the first patterns I ever created for my Inside Crochet Magazine column all those years ago for the september issue of the CrochetZine over on Instagram. This is such a simple pattern, using only UK double crochet/ US single crochet so it is perfect for beginners - although I will stress you need to keep your tension consistant for this one (or give it a good blocking) so it holds its shape. This time I've decorated it using flowers and leaves to match my Autumnal mood! You can find the free pattern over on Instagram here but I'll get it posted to the blog in the next few days.

Lulu Loves Crochet Podcast | Episode 33

Rustic Pumpkins

I've also written up the pattern for my Rustic Pumpkin design. I've made these using chunky yarn and my favourite up/down stitch to give them a lovely texture. They are so quick and easy to make, I'm on my fith one already! The free pattern is already up on the blog here...if you haven't had enough of crochet pumpkins yet!

Lulu Loves Crochet Podcast | Episode 33


I'm making an effort to try and get some old WIPS finished, including a VERY colourful jumper for my eldest daughter that I think may be approaching the two year mark - eek. I've challenged myself to get this one finished before the next podcast... we'll see how that goes!


I am so happy to be working with Skillshare again this month who have very kindly sponsored this episode of the podcast.

This month I've been learning to use Procreate on my Ipad with some courses on lettering. I've really enjoyed learning to use new functions and learn the basics of digital lettering. I mentioned the matt paper screen protector I use for my ipad to help with my digital pencil you can find similar here on Amazon.

The classes I took were:

Hand Lettering in Procreate: Fundamentals to Finishing Flourishes by Gia Graham

Intro to Digital Painting: Procreate to Photoshop! A Beginner-Friendly Guide - Mimi Chao

Digital Illustration: Learn to use Procreate - Jarom Vogel  

I’m sharing my results and experiences over on the Vlogcast if you’d like to hear more (there is also a link in the description for a free trial of Skillshare in the video description!).  

This month's books and TV chat:


The Pull of The Stars by Emma Donoghue - A lovely book set in a maternity ward in Dublin during the 1918 Influenza outbreak.


 Nurse Ratched on Netflix - Starring Sarah Paulson and Sharon Stone. I loved this horror series based around the character of Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. It is dark, gory and perfect for the spooky season. You may like this if you enjoy shows such as American Horror Story. 

Anyway, I think that’s all for me for now. If you want more details of anything mentioned pop over and watch episode 33 here on YouTube.

Stay safe, bye for now. Em xx

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