Crochet: Puff Chains

Crochet: Puff Chains

Hello again. I’m posting today about these rather marvellous crochet puff chains I’ve been making up in bright chunky yarn. I meant to post these last week but Lulu had a very unfortunate run in with some concrete steps last weekend that resulted in an ambulance ride to the A&E department…

Seeing my little dot of a girl on a hospital bed is not something I want to repeat any time…ever. But after a few stitches and some dentistry she was right as rain again. Children never cease to amaze me, I must have broke down multiple times during our day at hospital but Lulu remained calm, always reassuring us with her ‘thumbs up’.  Whilst we could see her injuries were not life threatening I could not help myself thinking of all the other parents in the world who go through so much when they have sick or injured children. My heart and prayers went out to every single one of them.

So it was an easy, laid back kind of week at home while Lulu recovered for a few days. Teddy also had a trip to the vets and came home feeling very sorry for himself. I had a little time to work on something new but for now I’ll share these gorgeous crochet puffs.

These are so simple; I found a YouTube tutorial that created exactly what I’d been looking for. I’m making long strands of these to use as garlands around my desk but they also make really fun necklaces/bracelets.

To make the Puff Chains you simply chain 5, work a puff stitch in the 5th chain from the hook, chain 1 to close and repeat as many times as you wish. I used some Katia Alaska chunky yarn (shades 031 and 022) and a 8mm hook for mine. The video instructions are not in English (and create a felted necklace) but are very easy to follow: 

Tutorial collana punto nocciolina a crochet infeltrita

Lululoves: Pink Crochet Puff Chains

Lululoves: Crochet Puff Stitch Necklace

Lululoves: Crochet Puff Chains

Lululoves: Crochet Puff Chain Necklace

On a totally unrelated note I had some queries regarding an Instagram picture I posted of the little crochet fish I made for Lulu. I adapted the pattern from a link I found on Pinterest for mini fish. The pattern for which can be found here. Again not in English I'm afraid but there are some good photos to guide you. Teddy has taken a keen interest in it so I think I'll be making more of these soon.

Lululoves: Crochet Fish

Wishing you all a lovely week.

Bye for now.

Em xx

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