Crochet - Headscarf/Kerchief

Crochet - Headscarf/Kerchief

It's the summer holidays and I'm home with all the children, I don't think I'll get the time to work on my own patterns but I'm quite excited in a way as I have a long list of other peoples patterns that I've been wanting to make for ages now (not to mention two unfinished blankets)

So I started this weekend with a small project that has been at the top of my list since I clapped eyes on it.  A beautiful headscarf/kerchief by Kristen TenDyke...

... I must admit I did struggle a bit with the pattern, not I think because it was complicated, but more that I've not made anything from a written pattern for a while now so I felt a bit out of practice. I made some errors at the start of the first two rounds of the triangle which I only noticed once I'd finished and my triangle was a bit 'off' but I corrected them by added some extra stitches when I was working the border. Also although I tried to measure Lulu's head it still came out a bit small for her so instead of joining I added a piece of thick elastic which I think will make it easier for her to put on and off.

I think it makes a really lovely headscarf and its such a pretty pattern, I'm really pleased I finally got round to making one. The pattern can be found here





I would just like to point out that Lulu was not been too keen on modeling today so I resorted to bribing her with the promise of an iced lollipop. She managed to stand still for about 60 seconds before she wandered off, found a dismantled swing ball pole and was once again a pirate, disappearing into her 'washing line' hideout, the resulting pictures all resembled the following (but more blurry!)







It seems a lollipop will not buy you very much time at all these days!

We are off to Cornwall for our hols shortly so I will be Internet free for a while - scary!

Hope you have a lovely summer.

Bye for now. Em xx

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