Crochet - Granny Triangles

Crochet - Granny Triangles

Bunting and a baby toy...

We've had a very hectic couple of weeks here and this week seems to be going the same way! But I've managed to complete a few small projects and last week was the week of the granny triangle...

...I love granny squares, I taught myself to crochet by making granny squares over and over until I got the hang of them; after that the other stitches didn't seem so daunting! So I was keen to try out some granny triangles with the hope of making some more bunting. There are lots of patterns out there for granny triangles but I wanted to find my own way, this seems to be increasingly the way I choose to work at the moment (I find it quite satisfying to learn from my own mistakes - or doing things the hard way as Rob would say!) Anyway, I worked some up and although I'm not 100% about my pattern after a bit of blocking they seem ok! To finish them I added a shell stitch edging and chain stitched them together.

While I was playing around with triangles I started thinking about what else I could create with them and as toys never seem to be far from my mind (such is life with a toddler) I attempted a triangular baby toy!  I was quite pleased with the way this came out the only minor setback was that I had to make a pyramid sack with the sewing machine (eek) to go inside it (to keep the stuffing and rattle out of the way of little hands/mouths) so it took a bit longer than I'd hoped. I also kind of 'winged' it when it came to crocheting the edges up but it was definitely a good 'learning experience'!





When I was thinking about crocheted baby toys I remembered this little guy...



This toy is one of the reasons I started to crochet - I remember really wanting to be able to make something so lovely myself! I bought Lulu this little octopus when she was a baby for about £8 it is made by the company Pebble.

Pebble produce handmade crochet toys/accessories all made by community businesses in Bangladesh, 'Helping women out of poverty and putting smiles on faces worldwide'. I didn't buy this toy because it was fair-trade or handmade I bought it because it was gorgeous; when I went home and investigated the company behind it I was thrilled that its mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women in Bangladesh. So if you are looking for a gorgeous baby gift and want to support a company with good ethics I can't recommend this brand enough.

Hope you've all had a lovely week! We are off to visit the Queen today (well catch a glimpse of) at the Wiltshire Jubilee event at Salisbury Cathedral so we are quite excited!

Edit: My crochet bunting pattern is now here.

Bye for now. Em xx

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