Crochet - Granny Square Scarves

Crochet - Granny Square Scarves

We had a quiet kind of weekend and made the most of the sunshine in the garden by dusting down the garden furniture and having a bit of a tidy.  I also managed to finish one of the many crochet projects I have on the go; granny square scarves...

I started the first of these for Lulu before Christmas but I was lazy and left all the ends hanging so she didn't actually get to wear it. So with a bit of free time this weekend, I finished it all off and completed the second one I had also started and not finished! 

Again, inspiration for these was found online; I had bookmarked a couple of these granny scarves last year but when I went back to find them the pages were gone :( 

You don't need a pattern though just pick any type of granny square (I used Jane Brocket's Starburst Flower square) make up 9 or so, join then add a border (I joined in the 4th round and then finished with rows of double and treble crochet).




and here's her sister...




We also had time to set these little babies on the windowsill - where they are happily sunbathing the days away!


Bye for now. Em xx

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