Crochet Bows and Angel Cake...

Crochet Bows and Angel Cake...

weekend makes and bakes

I had a lovely weekend visiting friends and finishing projects. I made time to bake, crochet and read…

I’ve had the idea for these large crochet bows sketched in my notebook since before Christmas and I love the way they’ve turned out. I’ve been making loads in lots of colours! I have a pattern for them to post but I wanted to take a few more photos so I shall have it up by the weekend.

Chunky crochet bobble bow - Lululoves

I also had a go at making this Angel Food Cake.

Angel food cake

I learnt several things during this process:

1, We do not have ‘cake flour’ readily available in the UK - I'm not really sure what it is but from what I gleaned online it’s a very light/fine flour? I improvised and used a cup of self-raising flour, removed two tablespoons and substituted them with corn flour.

2, You definitely need a tin with a hole in the middle – apparently this is to help it rise (you are not supposed to grease the tin either!) I had too much mixture for my bundt tin so I put the rest in a plain sandwich tin. The cake in the sandwhich tin hardly rose and was quite chewy! I cut it in half and sandwiched both pieces together with jam but everyone still preferred the other.

3, Twelve egg whites is a lot for one cake (even if you have willing chooks in the garden) and because I could not bear to throw away 12 yolks we will all be eating a LOT of Pasta Carbonara this week – which kind of defeats the point of a virtually fat free cake if you think about it!

4, You need a serrated knife to cut angel food cake – If you use a normal knife/cake slice it just squishes the cake down.

So in hindsight I’m glad I tried it but it's not going to the top of my list. The children enjoyed it but said it was like eating sweet bread rather than cake - I'm not sure it's supposed to be like that but hey ho!




The other thing I managed to do, apart from secretly enjoying the DVD Pitch Perfect with K, was read Cath Kidston’s, Coming Up Roses:


I read this very quickly (within a day) and enjoyed it. It’s a very broad autobiography of the business and how the brand developed. I like that it’s written mainly in Cath’s voice and full of the little things she remembered about the early days. She talks a lot throughout about the ethos of the company and it was interesting to read how this was tested when investors got involved.

If anything I would have liked it to be a bit more personal but what really comes across is the passion and belief she has in the brand she's created. Overall it's a beautiful book. So if you love Cath Kidston or are interested in reading about growing a business/brand identity then it's definitely worth a read. (Especially if you order from Amazon UK where it's only £12.80 at the moment).

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a good start to the month of May! 

Bye for now. Em xx

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