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A review and a finished project

I was very lucky to receive a copy of Rachael Oglesby's new book 'Crochet Boutique: 30 simple, stylish hats, bags and accessories' to have a look at. Rachael is a very talented crochet designer and her projects are very current so I was happy to learn that she also has a blog called Softspoken that I'm excited to go and explore. 

Anyway back to the book, although I knew I'd love this book from the cover I find the best way to review a crochet book is to dig straight in and try one of the projects...


...The project I chose to have a go at was one that K looked at and fell in love with; the 'Striped Tank'. The pattern was very simple to follow and clearly laid out, I used a slightly smaller hook than the 6.5mm that was recommended so it was really useful to have a diagram with measurements for each section that I could work from. I did my own thing with regards to colours and stripes, the grey yarn was Katia Revive, which is an eco-friendly blend of 65% recycled cotton and 35% recycled polyester, I did not like working with it at all, it split all the time and for some reason I ended up with knots all over the place! But, I loved the colour and I was really pleased with the end result...(and luckily for me so was K)





I love it, but in truth I was happy to finish it so that I can move on to a project for me...

As the book title explains the patterns included are mainly hats and scarves so it's a great one for autumn/winter. However, there are no projects for children/babies and only one male hat, but I think that is why I kind of love it! Some of the other accessory patterns include; a laptop bag, leg warmers (one of these is going to be my next project), a capelet, a gorgeous throw, headband and some fabulous bags.


How gorgeous is that? (This Image © 2012 Rachael Oglesby)

I love making hats and scarves and I always think it's a good sign when my teenage daughter looks at a book and puts in requests so I know I'll get some good use out of this one. The patterns included are marked by skill level; beginner, easy or intermediate, although nearly all the projects are beginner or easy and I'd agree with that, the only thing I would say is that the labels are on the photographs and not at the start of the pattern which I would have preferred, but now I'm being REALLY picky!

The other thing to remember, if you're in the UK, is that this is an American book so the stitches are written in US terms, although I was so happy to see a stitch conversion table in the back (I think these should be included in all crochet books!) along with a yarn weight and crochet hook equivalents chart. Thank you Rachael!

You can buy the book on Amazon (UK) it's currently priced at £10.16 (I love Amazon's pricing) and I'd definitely recommend it!

Bye for now. Em xx

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  • Ana


    07 September 2012 at 14:43 |
    That is so pretty! :) How long did it took you to finish it?
    I’m curious about that book especially because of the bags you mention.
    Oh, and K is so beautiful… a little woman!
    • Lululoves


      07 September 2012 at 15:21 |
      Hi Ana, thank you, I worked on it over the week, but I think you could do it in a couple of days if you had time :) there are a couple of bags in the book, two larger ones also a clutch & a laptop case which looks fab! Em xxx
  • eskimo*rose


    12 September 2012 at 20:38 |
    Ooooooh Emma, this looks like a real find, the clutch satchel is Totally Gorge. Its funny, I was talking to a lady on holiday who is a crochet-er, she was of the opinion that crochet is good for things but not for clothing - I think this book proves her wrong, although I do think you need the right patterns and this seems to hit the spot ... have you seen the Amy Butler crochet books, there's some great stuff in them, although perhaps a little advanced for me at the mo.

    While we're on patterns, you've inspired me to try to design/write a pattern for a collar - I love your pattern, but one of the challenges I set myself on my life list (you can see it on my blog!) was to write a pattern, so when I saw your collar idea I thought it might be a good small project to start my pattern writing adventure ... having said that, I gave up a few days ago as it was all going wrong, I think I needed a break, however if I chicken out I may end up using your beautiful pattern instead as I now have my heart set on a collar!
    • Lululoves


      12 September 2012 at 21:26 |
      Thanks Emma, it's a good one, there's not too much in the way of clothes, but lots of gorgeous hats & scarves/snoods - perfect for my limited attention span! I've not had a look at any Amy Butler books, but thanks for the recommendation I'm always on the hunt for inspiring books so I'll have a look.

      I'm still new at pattern writing, I've attempted many more than i've posted & I think it goes like that! Keep at it, I often find a break helps & the answer comes randomly when I am doing the grocery shop or driving the car! I love the idea of life lists too, I'll pop over & have a look yours. Em xx

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