Crochet - An Easter Bonnet

Crochet - An Easter Bonnet

...and a Mini Egg pattern!

I've been working on decorating an Easter Bonnet for Lulu this week.  It's been a while since I've been able to do one as K has long outgrown the tradition and Oli refused point-blank to wear a bonnet!  So I've had loads of fun crocheting little flowers and eggs to adorn her bonnet...

... and here she is:


I added this gorgeous rose which I made from a pattern that came in the last issue of Mollie Makes.


...and this glorious Daffodil that I made up from this pattern from PlanetJune Blog.


Some teeny tiny daisies...


...and some Mini Eggs!


'Oh I could write a sonnet about your Easter Bonnet...'*


I think Katy cat was a little jealous of her bonnet (I may have to make her one!)


I had so much fun making these little decorations I think I could have gone on and on!



Anyway here's the pattern I came up with to make the Mini Eggs if you fancy some Easter decorating, they are only an inch tall so they could be used for lots of little projects:

Crochet Mini Eggs Pattern

Written in UK terms

Yarn: Cotton

Hook: 3.5mm

These are worked in continuous rounds (so no need to join after completing each round) from the bottom up! To help keep track of each round you can use a stitch marker and move it at the beginning of each new round (I use a strand of yarn.) When decreasing you can work a dc2tog or simply skip the stitch whichever you find easiest.

Rnd 1: Ch2, 5dc in 2nd chain from hook

Rnd 2: 2dc in each stitch around (10)

Rnd 3: 2dc in 1st stitch, 1dc in next; repeat around (15)

Rnd 4: 1dc in each stitch around (15)

Rnd 5-7: as rnd 3.

Rnd 8: 1sc, dc2tog (dec); around (10)

Stuff the egg with your filler (I used some polyester filling)

Rnd 9: dc2tog, around. (5) Finish off but leave a long enough tail to sew through the ends.

To finish off use a darning needle and the tail of your egg to sew through the remaining 5 stitches pull tight, knot, push the needle up through the egg and cut off the tail (so it disappears back into the egg)

Hope that makes sense!

Wishing you all a lovely Easter Holiday...

Bye for now. Em xx

*Did you get it? 'Easter Parade' by Irving Berlin (love that film!)

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