A Crochet Update

A Crochet Update

It's been a while since I've made the time to blog; I took a little break from it over the summer holidays to spend time with my family.  Since then my eldest has started secondary school, Oli has gone back to primary school, Lulu has started a new nursery two mornings a week and I've lost someone very dear to me! I'm trying to get back on track now.

During this time I have continued working on my crochet projects so I thought I'd share some pictures of what I've been up to.  Some of you may have already seen these as I've had the images stored on my computer for a while now...

...I finished my first crochet cushion using the granny square pattern by Jane Brocket I really love this pattern which is a combination of double trebles, puff and clusters.  It's fun to make and looks so pretty, for the back of the cushion I just did my own thing and it worked *surprised face!*  I made two pieces by crocheting rows of trebles, long enough so that they would overlap.  On the shorter piece I created 3 button holes in the middle of 3 rows of singles.  I then slip stitched the 3 pieces of crochet together, right sides facing, turned it out the right way and attached 3 buttons...so simple and it means I can take the cover off to wash - a necessity for anything white in my house!  The cushion pad I bought cheap at Ikea and is slightly too big but its ok...

I love how it turned out, I loved it so much that no one was allowed to sit on it, until I found Lulu dragging it round the garden *gasp* saying 'My cushion mummy made me' I then had to remind myself (once I'd started breathing again) to stop being so precious!!




I finally finished Lulu's baby blanket by adding a couple of rows of single crochet to the edge and tying in all the ends!


I also finished the second side of K's cushion cover and am now on the hunt for a circular cushion pad (cheap)


And I've been working on a little something for Lulu for Halloween more pics to come soon...


So that's a few of the projects I've managed to complete over the summer I am currently working on several baby blankets for friends and lots of fun things for Christmas!  Ahhh yes I said it!

Bye for now.

Em xx

P.S I've just found a picture on my phone of this little piggy I made earlier on in the year, I found the tutorial on YouTube by Crochet Geek and he's just lovely!


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