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Crochet - How to Make a Boxy Cardigan


Hello. It’s been very chilly here the past few days, I’m not complaining this winter has been a particularly mild and wet one. I’ve been patting myself on the back for completing my boxy cardigan over the holidays as I’ve reached for it nearly every evening since I finished it. It’s such an easy garment to wear, it’s simple boxy design means I can pop it over almost every piece of clothing for an instant hit of comfort. I’ve been asked lots of questions on it over the past months so I thought it deserved its own blog post…

Lululoves Crochet | How to make a Boxy Cardigan

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Crochet Podcast Episode 27


Lululoves | Crochet Vlogcast episode 27

Hello 2020! As always I’m slowly warming up to the new year. I wish I was the type of person who could jump straight into a new year with gusto but as I’ve got older I’ve discovered it’s better for me to approach the new year as a gentle stroll rather than a sprint…

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Crochet Podcast Episode 26


Hello! I hope everyone is well. The year seems to be flying to a close but I’ve managed to film another podcast in which I’m sharing a few of my recent projects…

Lululoves Crochet Podcast Episode 26

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We Are Knitters Crochet Kit Review

The Tristaina Sweater

We Are Knitters Crochet Sweater Kit Review | Lululoves Crochet Blog

Hello! Gosh, it’s been a while – I’ve missed updating the blog regularly but if you follow me on YouTube you will have heard that I have been busy behind the scenes writing my very own CROCHET BOOK – Gahhhhh! More on that in another post but today I just wanted to share my thoughts on the We Are Knitters crochet kit I was kindly sent earlier this year…

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Crochet Farmhouse Chunky Blanket


Lululoves | Crochet Farmhouse Blanket

Hello! I finished a blanket a few weeks back… it’s such a momentous occasion that I felt I just had to document it ;) I think the reason this one worked up so fast was not only because of the beautiful chunky yarn but also that I was just really feeling this one! I love the colours, the yarn and just working those squares up was meditative crochet at its best, I was actually sad to finish it…

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