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Lululoves Crochet Podcast

{Episode one}

Lululoves Crochet Podcast

Eeeeek I did it! I have been wanting to try out some vlog style videos for a while now but with the house renovations taking priority its just not happened…well that and the fact that it's extremely far from my comfort zone...

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Crochet Tutorial: Granny Shawl


Crochet Tutorial: Granny Shawl

I have been slowly moving all my boxes of yarn back into the house now that the building work here is coming to an end. It has been such fun to rediscover lots of my favourite yarns and projects.  It’s also inspired me to do some stash busting…

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Springing Forward


Springing Forward

I feel like I am finally getting into the groove of this year. It helps that the sun has been shining on occasion. The affect on my mood is almost instant and I find I achieve so much more…

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Crochet: February Projects


Crochet: February Projects

I promised myself this year that I would make more of the patterns I have bookmarked over the years.  There are so many lovely patterns out there but I am starting small, I am determined to pick one at a time and finish it!  So I’m really happy that last month I finished two items that have been on my wish list for a long time….

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Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Ahh the holidays. The break over Christmas was so desperately needed.  They were quiet and gentle and just what we craved after the craziness of 2016. We’d had the builders in for six solid months, the work infiltrated every single room and it left us all feeling slightly misplaced (and totally shattered). Finally things seem to be coming together and now the mammoth task of decorating begins. But before that, two weeks of hibernating: of walks, watching movies at 3pm in our pjs, lazy suppers of leftovers, board games and naps. Total BLISS.

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